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Kalen Allen Project

Kalen Allen is the host of 3 shows on Ellentube and Youtube including OMKalen which is an Ellen Original show, Personally Kalen his Youtube channel show and also a new podcast ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’  which is available in both audio and video formats. Kalen has 900K+ Youtube subscribers, 1.3 million followers on Instagram and millions of views on Ellentube.


The project scope required creating 2 pages for the site to highlight and promote Kalen’s 3 different shows. The only design requirement was that the project be anchored by Kalen’s signature color red. I was otherwise given creative license.

The ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ podcast page is a way for users to discover Kalen’s new podcast. The goals were to  highlight ways to listen, upcoming episodes and provide information about the host and co-host. The ‘All things Kalen’ page is a destination on the Ellentube site to enable users to find all of Kalen’s content.

The goal of both these pages was to increase viewership for the shows and attract listeners for the podcast. Additionally they serve to increase ad revenue for Ellentube.

Kalen page flow

Podcast set

I began the creative by brainstorming with the producers about the interior design for the podcast set. Kalen wanted a couch in his signature red color as the main focal point along with elements of Hollywood glamour to create an environment that is an inviting spot for conversation.

Based on this information I pulled together a look and feel for the podcast set (where the both visual and sound recording would take place) and created mock-ups in photoshop for how the set would look. 


'I'm Your Biggest Fan' Wireframe

I planned and created a podcast page for ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan.’ This page allows users to find the platforms where you can listen to the podcast, get information about upcoming guests and episodes and also learn more about the hosts.

Below is the mobile wireframe for the ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ podcast page.

Kalen wireframe3

Color palette

I created a color palette for the page and picked a font for the headings. The site font for all of Ellentube is Cabin.

Below are the full color desktop and mobile comps for the ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ podcast page.

Color comps

'All Things Kalen' Wireframe

The ‘All things Kalen’ page is the second page in the scope. The goal was to enable users to find all of Kalen’s content.  Below is the desktop wireframe for this page. 


Color Comps

Below are the full color desktop and mobile comps for the ‘All Things Kalen’ page. I created header art using Kalen’s latest photo shoot images and a tagline from the producers. I tied the color palette to the podcast page and let the title art for the 3 separate shows be the focus.