Graphics / Visual Design

I created slack profile emojis for our team at Ellen Digital. For the month of October I gave them a Halloween update.


Graphics I created for social media to advertise holidays sales for the Ellen shop.


I created these for the Ellen games team who work on engaging projects that can be sponsored by brands. These were visuals for a presentation to show how branding could be incorporated into the games.


Ellen’s Sparkling Summer Cocktails is an Ellen Original show hosted by Hannah Hart who shows you how to make easy, fun summer cocktails. These are illustrations of the drinks that I created to use on the promotional assets, like banners on the Ellentube site.

SUMMER COCKTAILS GRAPHICS hosts a variety of series focused on DIY and crafting. For 2 of these original series graphics were needed to accompany the shows to clearly layout the step by step process for creating these crafts. The first graphic for the series Pretty Crafty is a project to create a gorilla bookmark where I needed to clearly show the folding of the paper in each step with dotted lines and shading to make the graphics look 3D. The second graphic (which I am showing part of here) is for the series Nava on the Fly. This is a step by step guide to create a children’s cardboard playhouse. I used the same technique with shading to make the sections look 3D, in order to explain the process clearly visually.



Here are some photoshopped images I created for The Ellen Show instagram. The first image is Ellen’s brother Vance, I photoshopped the asparagus into his hand and the tiara onto his head for the joke in the post. The second image is a version of a Taylor Swift album cover where I replaced Taylor Swift’s head with Ellen’s head. The third image is a still photo from the set of the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon show The Morning Show which I added Ellen into. Part of the challenge with these projects is finding the right images to composite together and then matching the brightness, contrast, light and color to create a realistic looking end product.